Sunday, September 2, 2012

Tasting room opening (James River Brewing Company)

James River Brewing Co. opened there doors to the public Sept. 1st 2012. It was a lot further away than I first thought. We took route 6 (Patterson Ave.) out of Richmond until it quit in downtown Scottsville. After out return trip we discovered there really is no quick way to get to Scottsville, so take route 6. If you ride a motorcycle or have a convertible take route 6, and make sure you pee before you leave the house because it takes about an hour and a half to get there from Richmond. Route 6 did have a couple small winery's on the way out, which leads me to believe this ride could become home to many more like 151 in Charlottesville. Scottsville is two blocks of old buildings. Take a left off route 6 and you run over the river's bend, turn right and the brewery is at the end of the street on the right. Aside from the beautiful river bend in the back drop it is like every sleepy small southern town you see when you are doing some back country route driving.

Sandbar, and the Pilot 1
               The brewery provided several beers for as new as they are to having an open sampling room. We did a flight of the core four beers that they produce which was six dollars, very reasonable. We tried the river walker, rock island red, sandbar and the pilot one. I enjoyed the rock island red, an Irish red that had a rich mouth feel and a hearty finish. My guest stunt drinker, eat your heart out McKenna, enjoyed the Pilot 1 brown ale. Compared to Legend's brown ale, the pilot one was lighter in flavor. The other two beers in the flight were American wheat and an ESB. So, the Green Eyed Lady, yes we tried it. I'm not sure that I could try a full glass. For those of you who don't know, JRB had a little fun with the IPA but infusing it with the salty pistachio flavor. The oil from the nut almost completely killed the carbonation in the ale. The beer even appears to have a light green hue. I think this would be a good real ale, or cask conditioned beer.
          The tasting room was definitely awe inspiring, and local breweries need to take note. The local craftsman in this small town really came together and created a turn of the century tavern feel. They had rough cut timbres, bar tops, and counter tops of raw wood with the bark still in tact. While sampling our flights every beer had the same essence which I though may have been from the freshly finished smell of the bar and all it's wood working embellishments. It was cute watching the bar trying to keep the glasses for the flights clean and helping every customer. I am not sure how much beer serving the staff had done but I can wait. It was very nice seeing the community come together in support of this new business. It wasn't your typical beer nerd turn out for this opening.
                Around back of this 100 year old building it smells like horses. There is hay on the ground and some fresh cut cedar planks on hay bales for seating. A small trickling creek, with snakes and fish, is drowned out with the mountain sounds of banjo, guitar, and mandolin. Live blue grass music always makes beer taste better. It was a small venue, probably only capable of entertaining around a hundred guest. I'm sure they can figure out the logistics of having bigger and better events. I believe the total package is marketable and should do well if the community stays supportive. With patience and some more financial backing this could definitely be a great destination for a weekend trip. The setting is romantic and the backdrop of the river is beautiful. The small town on the train tracks captures the history and heritage of Virginia. It really is right up my alley, and if you like simple living, you will agree. There is something special about Scottsville and James River Brewing is and will be a part of it. Check them out online at
Now if you don't mind, we have to get back to our family weekend, have a great labor day!

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