Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Rayon Vert 2012 (Green Flash Brewing)

The comical picture below on Facebook today reminded me I had this post in the hopper. I went to San Diego on Green Flashes dime a couple years ago and visited all of their facilities. I feel the same way as the guys with the sign pictured below. There was a time when my company picked up the Green Flash contract that provided Virginians with a taste of the west coast magic. Green Flash seemed to be snow balling out of control, aggressively borrowing and building assets for the future. One of those assets I fell in love at first sight is Alpine Brewing, in a little shack in Alpine Ca.

Group of co-workers went down to Va Beach and brought back a case of 2012 Rayon Vert, old graphics and everything. The label reports, continuously evolving and I'm not one to at least give it a try. As expected, it was a gusher. It was the wildest of ales, throwing carbonation and money all about. Reckless with my heart burn and full of funk. 

This is the final farewell, the goodnight kiss, thanks for the memories and that epic trip to San Diego. As usual, we shall pull up our boot straps and trudge on against the forces of evil. To the former employees, you were a loyal ambitious group not deserving of your fate. To Alpine Brewing, please don't forget me, we will meet again in whatever form you take. Tis only beer, but this was a punch in the gut. 

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