Monday, June 18, 2018

Boulevard Brewing (Kansas City, Mo)

Tom, Tony, Chuck, Sam and I tripped on over to Kansas City to Boulevard Brewery. It was pretty obvious there would be some stories to be told especially with Dominic and Brad showing us around the city. I was very excited to see the city, try the local food and see the grand facility.

The first night we went to a buttoned up BBQ spot which was fantastic. We ordered family style and got so full of delicious meats it didn’t look like we could do much drinking. We stumbled to a couple bars, the last one featured a Thrash Grass band that was an amazing medley of metal and blue grass. When we headed back to the hotel we stopped at a cookie spot where Chuck got this giant ice cream sandwich. Highlight story of the first day was this man with ice cream sandwich is lactose intolerant and was up all night having regrets.

Second day was a busy one: breakfast, brewery, BBQ, baseball game and more nighttime shenanigans. Solid base layer of corn beef hash and a Bloody Mary to set me up for a long day of drinking. At the brewery we got a complete tour of the entire facility complete with roof top access with cityscape views. Boulevard has done a wonderful job of establishing themselves in their home market and not losing their charm while growing their distribution and production. The new beer hall had a feeling of heritage and was very tastefully done. 

We hustled to the famous LC’s BBQ joint before heading to the stadium for the game. This is the spot that is off the beaten path where the locals go. Our Uber driver was actually surprised that we knew about it. The food here only helped to solidify my love for this town. It was such a down home greasy spoon where all that matters is flavor, and it had plenty of that. We ordered pans and trays of everything and some KC pils to wash it down with. I find it hard to even look at these pictures with out getting hungry.

After a brief parking lot nap and a few otter bongs, we set off to see the Kansas City Royals play the New York Yankees. The weather looked dodgy at hell, yet we only saw a little bit of rain. The food coma was strong and it was really nice to just sit still. This was only the 2nd major league game I have ever been to. It is amazing the scale and grand nature of a major league ball park. Don't go hard on the second night or the plane ride back will suck. For me it didn't, but there are other stories to be told. . . by someone else.

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